Written on
April 11, 2020

Why There’s No Such Thing as a Digital Marketing Expert

Dare we say it? There is NO such thing as a digital marketing expert! Now, you can be a digital marketing specialist, or an experienced marketer, but how can you truly be a digital marketing expert? To understand our unconventional theory about this, let’s dive in a little deeper!

The Algorithm Always Changes!

Whether you’re using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok or any other popular platform to catapult your digital marketing efforts, you should understand that there is an algorithm in place. Each algorithm is configured differently for each platform; and we have one thing to say, algorithms are the bane of our existence!

Sure, they serve a great purpose as they reduce spam, block bots and encourage us to create meaningful content; but one of the biggest issues digital marketers face is that the algorithms always change! These changes continuously occur and are primarily done to ensure users can find relevant content. A lot of digital marketers tend to focus on Googles’ notorious algorithm changes for search engine optimisation purposes; but, it’s not just Google that has a tricky algorithm, social media platforms do too!

During 2019, when life was a lot simpler (yes, I’m talking to you COVID-19) we faced, what we thought was horrendous at the time; Instagram had removed featuring likes on posts! Influencers broke down, users who already received minimal likes on posts were delighted, and digital marketers questioned the idea altogether!  Fortunately, Instagram gave us a heads up prior to implementing this change permanently; testing this new concept in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. After testing was complete, Instagram kept this change permanently, citing that the change would improve the mental health of users, especially for those who depended on likes for personal validation.

Although, Instagram gave its users a heads up during this time, it rarely will again. Regardless of what platform digital marketers use; the algorithm will continuously change and predominantly without notice. When a change does occur, you just need to figure it out and adjust accordingly.  That’s one of the biggest reasons as to why we have an issue with the term digital marketing expert. Digital marketing involves working with the unknown; as there are continuously unprecedented changes with very little reasoning. In this field you’re dependant on probability and chance; you may be skilful, and experienced with such occurrences; but, can you ever truly be an expert?

Social Influencers Even Struggle!

Ah, Influencers! They base their livelihood on social media, and they too tend to struggle with digital marketing. You’d think they’re experts because they have a great following and are using social platforms all the time; but they too sometimes have no idea what’s going on!

Now, we already mentioned the time Instagram decided to remove likes from posts in 2019, but no one mentioned the toll it would take on engagement rates. You see, the moment likes were removed on posts, users simply decided that there wasn’t really a point to like posts anymore. Overall, influencers and businesses seemed to struggle with the drop in likes all of a sudden.

Pairing a drop in likes with new algorithm changes, Instagram had decided its algorithm would organise users feeds by either chronological order, or by content most relevant to them. For influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, this was a challenge as it made it harder to engage with audience members. Basically, to meet the demand of chronological users, you’d have to post more often which could compromise the quality of content; however, if you just focus on content, you miss out on reaching your chronological users. Overall, these new algorithm changes left influencers faced with the battle of balance.

It’s easy to think that influencers have unlocked the secret to success when it comes to social media; however, no one really considers the unprecedented toll algorithm changes have on their profiles. Afterall, a drop of engagement, does mean a drop in monetary value for sponsored posts. In this scenario especially, it’s difficult to be an expert!

It’s All a Learning Curve

Despite us all being users of social media, it’s hard to remain an expert when things always change. However, this doesn’t mean that a digital marketer, or influencer have no value! Of course, they do! To be in this field of work is quite demanding and results driven. It requires a lot of research, adaptability, mistakes and success!

Although, we’re not sure what’s installed next for social media users, we know that we’re excited and cannot wait to educate our clients along the way. Afterall, we are design and communication experts here at ADA Studio!

If you’re struggling with digital marketing, why not give us a call? We’re a Melbourne based, design and innovation studio that is obsessed with helping businesses grow!