Written on
March 27, 2020

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – What to Know

Living within this day and age, we’re so accustomed to digital solutions! Many new businesses believe that having a website, or simply running online advertisements will grant them the success they wish for; but this simply isn’t the case.

Now we’re not telling you it’s acceptable to just go ahead and throw all your money into dropping pamphlets into letter boxes! Instead, why not combine traditional marketing with your digital marketing?

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing consists of many facets that we’ve grown accustom to over the years, including signage, brochures, face to face interaction, TV advertising and much more!

If you happen to own a brick and mortar business, it’s worth creating signage that features your branding and services, which can allow you to attract anyone who passes by. Event marketing is another popular, and relevant marketing practice still used today. If you have a stall or are speaking at one of these events; then face to face interaction will work as an outstanding method of marketing. People find a sense of security when they actually meet a brand representative in person, as there are no barriers, and they can ask as many questions as they like in real time to get to know the product or service.

Overall, traditional marketing is still very relevant today. Just think about it, people still watch TV and people still listen to the radio when driving; which both feature an abundance of advertising. Although you don’t have to adopt every method of traditional marketing, implementing a few, can really build the foundations of your brand, and even your digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing simply refers to utilising the internet to assist marketing efforts. This could be utilising social media to get in touch with potential audiences, running pay per click advertisements, or creating your own website, plus much more!

A great way to understand digital marketing, is that it connects you with people who may not have stumbled across you in person. Digital marketing also creates conversations when done correctly, as it doesn’t always have to focus on promoting your product or service.

Why not combine the two?

For new businesses we think it’s important to combine traditional and digital marketing efforts. Speak to like-minded individuals in person or get involved in community events! Why not encourage those you meet to follow your social media platforms? Growing your digital platforms, doesn’t always need to come from the internet. Manage well thought out PPC advertisements all at the same time if possible, to create conversions! Adjust to the benefits of what traditional and digital marketing have to offer!

Think about it this way, in traditional marketing, people get to know you or your brand for what it represents; whereas, with digital marketing, people are more strategic, as they may judge your credibility, following and engagement. You can instantly get involved with traditional marketing whilst you build your digital marketing presence!

If you’re reading this and still need some guidance, why not get in touch with us at ADA Studio? We’re a Melbourne based design and innovation studio, that is obsessed with helping businesses out!