Written on
August 7, 2020

The UX of Working From Home

Let’s face it. Working from home is no easy task. However, millions have managed to make it work… somehow. 

Working from home has been a blessing to some and a nightmare to others; most of the time it’s both! Regardless of where you stand, everyone has had to learn how to deal with the unexpected, yet constant interruptions. Here are some obstacles you’ve probably had to face during these strange times:

Unexpected Zoom call interruptions 

This has become a new global phenomenon; occurring worldwide from news stations to your living room. Whether it be your family member or pet, something always manages to pop in the frame as soon as you start speaking. Your coworkers point out your cat is climbing your curtains behind you! Maybe, your brother decides that now would be a great time to walk around the house in that strange Halloween costume he bought two years ago! Yes, it’s embarrassing but, it sure beats sitting by yourself in a cubicle all day long

Learning to become adaptable.

You wake up bright and early; finally, you’re ready to start your workday. You check your email to find you have three meetings that are overlapping your other tasks. You also are scheduled to do online training that will help you transition from your office to your couch and on top of all of that, you need to read and sign new procedures as well as new job duties. To be frank, it’s (poop emoji). Even with all that, you have managed to make it work. You take on tasks that are relevant today but become irrelevant tomorrow. You finish your work ahead of the due date! You excel despite the roadblocks ahead! No one knows what tomorrow’s workday will look like so for now just smile and keep excelling at your career! 

All this extra time, do you sleep in or? 

Thanks to remote work, your 45-minute daily commute has been reduced to 45 seconds; or however long it takes you to get from your bed to your desk. You don’t have to take a speedy lunch break and when your workday is done, you’re already home! Though it may not seem like it, you have tons of extra time. Don’t waste all your time browsing socials; although, that is extremely tempting. Pick up that new hobby that you said you were eventually going to try. Push yourself to try that Chole Ting workout. Talk to that one friend you’ve been meaning to call. Take this time to hone in on your skills and become that person you said you would be someday. In the words of the wise Master Yoda,” Do or do not. There is no try.”

What are some challenges you know you’ll miss when the world starts spinning again? Got a story about how your mum walked in on your conference call? Any tips on how to deal with cabin fever? 

Share your working from home experience down in the comments below. Trust me, it can’t be more embarrassing than ours.