Written on
November 20, 2019

Reasons Why Your Social Media Content Should be Designed for Augmented Reality!

Augmented reality (AR) is a form of technology that allows users to see digital elements in real-time. This is made possible with the use of tools that enable images to be generated digitally, such as using a phone’s camera to capture the environment and using software to create a digital model onscreen.

We don’t blame you if you mistake AR for VR, as the two can seem very similar. However, the main difference here is that, while VR completely replaces the reality that is around you, AR projects an image only to enhance or stimulate an experience.

AR for Social Media Marketing

Enhance or stimulate an experience? That sounds like something perfect to be paired with marketing, right? We think the same, too! With the use of AR, you can bring your social media marketing to the next level.

Here are two reasons you should be designing your social media marketing content for use with augmented reality:

1. Offer Engaging and Interactive Marketing Content

What better way to engage your customers with your advertisements than to make them interactive? Augmented reality gives you the ability to create ads that not only look cool but that your audience can take action and be part of something fun.

Let’s say that you’re trying to market a brand new product, but are having trouble generating interest. How can you fix this? With the use of AR! By carefully designing your marketing content, you can get interested individuals to start engaging with your content. For example, imagine a wall set up in a mall for augmented reality. Whenever a person (or people) walks by, a digital model follows them around (featuring brand new shoes if you’re a shoe company). Watch the customers’ delight as the digital human calls out to let them try on the shoes for themselves. One by one, they will whip out their phones, showing off their brand new digital shoes projected onto the wall!

Support this engaging marketing effort by offering rewards to individuals who share the pictures they’ve taken on their social media and applying the appropriate hashtags. Now that sounds like a fun social media marketing campaign!

2. Supports a Customer’s Purchase Decision

It isn’t uncommon for your audience to scroll through posts on their favourite social media platform, only to run into one of your product ads. Unfortunately, there is only so much an ad can do.

As you know, when purchasing such a product, such as makeup, the individual has to be there in person to try out the products and test how it’ll work. How do you bring this experience to a user sitting behind a computer or staring into a phone? With AR, of course!

A well-designed marketing campaign points users to utilize AR to actually “try” out the stuff before they decide to buy it or not. For example, imagine a customer wanting to buy some makeup products. However, they’ve only seen your ad online, and the only reason they haven’t ordered it from you yet is that they don’t know how it’ll work on their faces. With AR, this problem is solved! With the use of such technology, interested individuals can sample different products on their faces (albeit digitally) to see how they look. If they like it, they’ll buy it!

Augmented Reality. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Start designing your social media marketing strategy to revolve around AR today! Before you know it, customers will start to pile into your storefronts both physically and digitally, talking about their experience with one of your AR marketing campaigns and how interested they are in your products!

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