Written on
June 1, 2020

Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

As a studio, we don’t really work with influencers, or represent any. However, some of our clients ask us if it’s worth featuring an influencer within their digital marketing efforts. Therefore, please enjoy todays brutally honest opinion post about influencer marketing!

It Can Be Hard to Judge Credibility

Think about it this way, you might pay $300 on a featured post, offer free products and services, but how can you measure quality leads? Traffic can be expected on your social platforms and websites, when an influencer features your brand, but traffic doesn’t always mean sales. Whereas, with PPC advertising, you have a bit more understanding as to what you get back for what you spend.

Not only that, there is a whole pool of wannabe influencers, with many purchasing followers. Our advice when working with any influencer, from any platform, is that you ask to see their analytics! Look at their engagement rate and which cities or countries their followers are from; this simple strategy can save you a whole lot of money in the future; as the last thing you want is to do is target an entirely irrelevant demographic. If they’re not open to showing you their stats, then say CYA!

Sometimes, Influencers Just Don’t Get It

In a vast pool of influencers, many will try to work with you for personal gain. If you have an Influencer who keeps asking for free products and services with the promise of followers, just don’t even bother. Unless they can guarantee paying customers and dedication to your brand, it’s not worth it.

We don’t blame these types of influencers though, the only currency they know is posts and freebies. Instead, why not try a micro-influencer? Someone with a genuine following of 300 to 1000 followers. These types of users will most likely have family and friends following them; and will genuinely be interested in the new and exciting products or services they are engaging with.

Not only that, encourage your customers to engage in Facebook or Google reviews, this creates brand credibility, and entices other potential customers to trust your product or service.

Pick the Right Influencer

An influencer who is highly communicative with you, passionate and is determined to achieve results is someone you should work with! If they can showcase a portfolio of work, and the results they’ve achieved, then why not work with them?!

In a large pool of social influencers don’t be discouraged; there are many of them who are passionate about what they do, rather than just themselves. Sometimes, these types of followers will have a following of 300k to 600k, or more! Which will truly highlight the fact that people are genuinely interested in them. Also, be open and honest, remind them that your marketing efforts don’t just involve digital marketing. Remind them that you have customers to consider or staff to pay and let them know what it takes to manage your brand. If they’re receptive to your story and hard work, then they’re a perfect addition to your digital marketing efforts!

Don’t get is wrong, we absolutely love influencers who are passionate about what they do, and the niche they represent!

A timeless influencer over a trendy influencer, is the way to go!