Written on
April 8, 2020

4 Pillars of Content – What to Know

Content is super important for your business, specifically your social media presence and marketing efforts. Without good content, your media game can be obsolete and ineffective; but if you have strong content, you’ll be sure to gain new customers and get leads to conversions and more beneficial things for your business.

So how do we acquire good content? And no, I’m not talking about good content in the form of that cute dog photo (although it attracts a lot of likes). I’m talking about impactful and meaningful content; content that draws attention to your business! Well, we can utilise the 4 Pillars of Content – The Hook, Brand Element, Value and Consistency.

The Hook: Grabs attention and triggers an emotional response.

The Hook is insanely important. Wondering why that is? Well, the average attention span of user engagement on Instagram is 0.42 seconds, whereas a goldfish has an attention span of 5 seconds! Therefore, you need to create something interesting enough for someone to stop and acknowledge; otherwise, your boring content will capture the attention of a goldfish instead! Which we assume may not be the consumer demographic you’re willing to target…

Brand Element: A piece of your brand

The branding element of your content is essentially the moment you say “Hey! It’s me!”. This could be a logo, sound, jingle, song, colours or a framework. For example, I can still remember the iconic Reading Writing Hotline jingle from over a decade ago, anyone else remember the iconic ‘1300 6555 06’?

The morale of the story is, if you stay consistent on such brand elements it will build trust upon your business and will provide a sense of recognition, or in the best case, nostalgia!

Value: Content that relates to a person is the best kind of content!

If you give a reader an experience with advice that they can retain, they will feel as if they have been provided something of value. For example, someone reading this may not have known that the 4 Pillars of Content was even a thing, and now they do! You’re welcome…

A person who retains a key message may not buy from you, but the positive experience will compound into that user taking some form of action in the future. Whether it’s recommending a friend to view your product or service or sharing an insightful post you may have shared on social media.

When creating something always ensure it provides a sense of value; as this can be more important for the vitality of your business or service, than immediate conversations.

Consistency: Consistent posts create momentum and boost engagement

Consistency is key in content. Stay the course and don’t be distracted by likes or comments, as they’re not a calculable metric. Focus instead on massing momentum over time, remaining consistent within your niche, style and framework!

Ensure that your key message is being spread consistently, in favour of any algorithm that may be in place! No one ever remembers a brand from seeing it once, make it memorable! Keep your content consistent and your brand element repetitive!

And there it is, we’ve opened pandora’s box! Just kidding, the 4 Pillars of Content has been around for ages, we just hope that you adopt it into your content creation! And if you’ve never heard of this concept, why not give it a go and let us know how you went.