Written on
November 11, 2019

3 Tips For Effectively Managing Your Facebook Business Page

Many businesses know that social media is one of the leading channels for digital marketing, which is why it can no longer be at the back-burner of your campaigns. Facebook alone is a powerful tool, especially considering it has over 2.23 billion monthly active users.

Gone are the days where Facebook was once an online avenue for college students and young adults. Now, it is a necessary branding tool for businesses and community organisations. To that end, here are some tried and true tips that can improve your Facebook page management and enhance your online presence.

1. Set Goals and Implement a Content Mix to Your Strategy

The first and most crucial step is to determine your company goals before creating a Facebook page. This will help you strategise on your content, all of which should make an impact on your bottom lines, such as generating leads, improving user experience, or increasing conversions.

Once you have your goals set, you can create a plan that uses the 80-20 rule mix or the ‘social media rule of thirds.’ It means that 80% of your Facebook posts must inform, educate, and entertain your target audience. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% is content that promotes your brand.

After all, social media platforms like Facebook are not an online brochure where you can self-promote your products or services without regard to user experience. With that in mind, the 80-20 rule establishes a balance and introduces your sales-focused posts to your audience in an interactive manner.

2. Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook page serves as a cornerstone of your company’s online identity in terms of social media platforms where you can reach a wide range of demographics. The best part is that creating an official page is free, though it will cost you time and team effort to promote your page successfully.

Just like your website, you will need to optimise your page so that your audience may find it easier to digest content and navigate. The following tips are ideal practices that should help you maximize your page’s potential:

●    Create a search-friendly page name. In most cases, it will likely be your company’s brand name.

●    Create an easy-to-type URL for your page.

●    Maximise your page’s ‘about me’ section by providing all the necessary details regarding your business. This should include different ways customers can contact you for further inquiries.

●    Give importance to your cover and profile photos, as it will be the first visual representation of your page. With that in mind, be sure it is of high-quality and captures your brand.

●    Add a strong call-to-action to encourage potential customers to make an active purchase from your page.

3. Track, Measure and Refine Your Facebook Posts

Now that you got the 80-20 rule down to a pat, the next best step to ensuring your online presence is to measure your performance. You can do this by using Facebook Insights, which is a key feature that enables you to track audience engagement to see how much likes, reach, and shares you have per post.

This provides invaluable data as having an overview of what content works with your audience will give you proper direction on the next best course of action for your strategy. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can tweak your tactic and improve your performance over time.

If you play your cards right, it’s an ideal hub for gathering more viewers and reaching your target audience. Part of a winning strategy is to share valuable content that engages fans, which is why creating a Facebook page is essential as it is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

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